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Diode Pumped Alexandrite Lasers

Unilase is introducing the first ever commercial products based on its CW, pulsed and tunable Alexandrite laser technology to address increasing demand for laser sources in quantum technology applications, photoacoustic microscopy and LIDAR to name just a few.

Unilase diode pumped Alexandrite lasers are high performance sources capable of delivering multi-watt level CW or mJ class pulsed output in compact footprints.

Alexandrite lasers can be set to provide near-SLM output at a fixed wavelength or narrowband tunable output over 30nm with excellent beam quality.

The fundamental wavelength output from the Alexandrite laser can be further extended into the shorter wavelengths to provide tunable UV output.

  • Quantum technologies
  • LIDAR and remote sensing
  • Photoacoustic microscopy
  • Biosensing and imaging
  • Material characterisation
  • Test and measurement
  • Scientific research
  • Compact, rugged and robust
  • Lower cost
  • Multiple demanding applications
  • Integrated thermal management
  • Broad tunability (NIR to UV)
  • Narrowband
  • High power CW
  • Short pulse