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Pulsed and CW Alexandrite Lasers

Compact CW and Pulsed Diode-Pumped Alexandrite lasers operating at 760nm are on offer in variety of output power, wavelength and linewidth configurations. These lasers are ideal for numerous application areas and in particular:

  • Quantum Technologies

Alexandrite lasers operating at 759 nm are highly suitable sources for trapping cold Yb atoms in an optical lattice for optical frequency standards applications.

  • LIDAR and Remote Sensing

Diode pumped Alexandrite laser operating at multi-kHz repetition rates with short nanosecond pulses is ideal source for high spatial resolution single-photon counting based remote sensing applications such as vegetation LIDAR or altimetry.

  • Photoacoustic imaging

Different absorption coefficients of oxyhaemoglobin and deoxyhaemoglobin fall within the emission bandwidth of Alexandrite (730-800nm). Diode-pumped Alexandrite lasers with peak operating wavelength of 760nm and multi-mJ level output energies provide ideal sources for Photoacoustic Imagine of blood oxygen levels with micro-vascular level resolution.

A summary performance sheet can be downloaded here.

  • Output power from 100mW to 5W
  • Centre wavelength 760nm
  • Narrowband output over 50nm tunability
  • near-SLM linewidth at fixed wavelength
  • over 100μJ output pulse energy
  • Short pulse duration in the range 1-5ns
  • 1-10kHz operating range
  • High beam quality
  • over 1mJ output pulse energy
  • Pulse durations from 50ns or longer
  • 1-10kHz operating range
  • High beam quality