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UL1064HE is a high energy compact DPSS laser at 1064nm delivering over 20 watts of average output power from 25 to 250 kHz pulse repetition range. At 25kHz the unit produces over 0.85mJ with 17ns pulse duration corresponding to 50kW of peak power.

Preliminary datasheet for UL1064HE can be downloaded here

Unilase High Energy Laser Performance


Unilase UL532HRR is an ultra high repetition rate DPSS Q-switched laser at 532nm with 25 watts of average output power at 500kHz pulse repetition frequency. With a pulse energy of 50μJ at 500kHz and short 13ns pulses this laser is ideal for high throughput materials processing applications.  

Preliminary datasheet for UL532HRR can be downloaded here.

Optical Properties
  • Power: 25W

  • Rep Rate: 500 kHz

  • Pulse Duration: <15ns

  • Beam Quality: M2<1.3

Physical Properties
  • Dimensions (L x W x H): 415 x 245 x 105 mm

  • Cooling Method: water cooled

Target Applications
  • Aluminium and Copper battery electrode processing

  • High throughput micro machining of bio-ceramics

  • Glass processing

  • PCB cutting