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Current projects

High Gain Laser Amplifier Architectures

Unilase is developing a range of ultra high gain (104-105) diode pumped amplifier architectures at 1064nm. These amplifiers are capable of delivering tens of watts of amplified output from low power, high beam quality seed sources. These seed lasers range from bulk solid-state to semiconductor diode or fibre lasers with outputs ranging from CW to Q-switched or mode-locked pulses. The amplified high peak-power from such master-oscillator power-amplifier configuration will deliver enhanced processing capabilities for industrial customers who require significant increase in manufacturing throughput.

Diode Pumped Alexandrite Lasers

Unilase is providing design and development services for a European Space Agency funded program led by Professor Michael Damzen at Imperial College London for development of next generation LIDAR sources for scientific remote sensing applications. The laser system under development is directly diode pumped Alexandrite (Cr-doped chrysoberyl) with the aim of providing high energy, high efficiency and broad tunability. Results to date have shown systems with >40% slope efficiency with significant scope for further improvement.